Illuminated Night Parade - Arrr You Ready? Rodeo-Festival-Corpus Christi TX

2019 Buc Days Junior Parade Registration

05/11/2019 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM CST


Please review the Parade Regulations prior to completing this application.  Applications MUST be completed in full to be considered for acceptance, and MUST be submitted no later than FridayApril 26, 2019. All applicants will be notified once selections have been made.  All Junior Parade participants, other than sponsors/chaperones, must be under 15 years of age, unless approved in advance by the Bucaraders.

There are three unit categories for the Junior Parade: 

1: Bands  - a band performing with musical instruments

2: Floats  - a highly decorated and illuminated exhibit or scene mounted on a mobile platform or trailer and pulled or driven in the parade.

3: Miscellaneous – any non-band or non-float unit, such as a marching unit, dance team, drill team, spirit team, athletic unit, twirling unit, horse unit, wagons, vehicles, etc.

INDICATE TYPE OF UNIT AND ORGANIZATION.  If you have more than one unit in the parade (for example, a drill team and a twirling team) please fill out a separate application for each. ‚Äč 

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